Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An intellectual love hostage?

It's incredible how many men will take your personal ad post -- no matter what you say -- and twist it around into a kinky sex fantasy.

Here is the most ridiculous response I've received this week from a personal ad I posted. I swear I am not making this up!

I'd like to try to impress you so much that you'll agree to surrender into my sensual/intellectual "hostage" for a day or two and will help me to put everything together before release... i am not looking to get laid - "satisfied man cannot create", but i'd love to enhance my creative process by sharing what i know (as input), so you could "output" an enhanced version, or your interpretation of my original information + your vision/ ideas /experiences...

Why "hostage"?


- trust is probably the most stimulating /erotic thing that is out there...
- it might be an interesting/new experience for you;
- it will be a really empowering for me;
- it is probably the easiest way to define boundaries of our connection;

I am younger and age difference will automatically put you in the position of authority - you have more life experience. If you'll decide to submit voluntarily allowing me to make decisions about form of information exchange, then you 'll become an inspirational goddess-alike... Stronger individuals do not need to control because they could afford things to "happen"

The main idea of my project is to stop wars in the world through non-violent "terror" - voluntary human shields.. in every military conflict there is no "right"/"wrong" sides. Somehow it happened that human life lost its value - we get one war after another.... There must be a force that will stop killing...

Using social networking it will be possible to consolidate human rights/antiwar movements... Monetizing web traffic will help to pay for 7-10K tickets for volunteers, who will decide to become a "human shields".

Spreading the knowledge about original intentions of all major religions will allow to melt together people's believes and will also help to save lives... people of the same faith are less likely to kill each other.

i interpret religions as "mental games" and right now it might be a good time to transform institution of the Church.

Human shields force will be equipped with devices allowing to blog in real time.. Each shield will have at least 5 people who will be waiting him/her back... 10k x 5=50K people will be providing info about conflict.

Both sides involved into conflict will have to deal with either
mini-holocaust of foreigners broadcasted live on the Web (which is not likely)
submission to shields' demands to start peaceful communication.

There is no way to arrest and place into prison so many people at once. Interference with every military conflict will discourage people to invest into weaponry.

there is a lot more to this project. In order to get attention to the project i will release few interesting journalist investigations ....

I wasnt trying to offend with indecent part of this offer- i just like the idea of finding equilibrium between a business and pleasure, plus i thought that you might like to have a creative/entertaining younger friend..

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