Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Craigslist killer strikes again

Thank God I haven't met the Craigslist panty raider yet. He's not just a lingerie thief--he's a killer. He pursued women who were living somewhat on life's margins, so that he could dominate them and abuse them.

Sounds like some of the creepy men I've unfortunately been too trusting with at times in my life -- and sadly, these are "real" guys I've met in "real" life, not stalkers on the web.

One reason not to be needy, or to convince yourself that you're not worthy of asking for some information about a guy, up front. If he balks, he's probably got something to hide. Next!

One more reason to screen anyone carefully with LOTS of questions, and absolutely do not ever, ever, ever let a someone you've met in a personal ad know your real address, your home number, and girls, don't go on a hike or a kayak ride on your first date, and do not let him, no matter how charming, into your apartment.

If anyone raises a red flag in your BS detector, Google him profusely, do a search on Intellius (well worth the $14.99), and check his wallet for an ID when he's out of the room so you can confirm his name. One of my girlfriends sprang for the full $40 search and discovered that her new beau not only lived in another state -- but he was married.

Sorry if this sounds paranoid and mistrusting -- but it's better to be safe than end up in some guy's box, next to his gun and a copy of Gray's Anatomy.

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