Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The ever-profitable dating industrial complex.

I got this in my in box today. When did dating become such a battlefield? When did it become a strategy game? When did it become such a mystery? When did it become an INDUSTRY?

Is the online dating scene and all of the workshops, singles parties and the myriad of consultants and matchmakers really necessary? Or is it just another way that even the most sacred, basic, simple things in our lives (like love and sex) have been warped into an industry that people can profit off of?

Personally, I just long for the days when I was a teenager and we were fresh, innocent, and blissfully unaware of the "games". When it was just about hanging out because you liked someone and thought they were cute. I think if we could step back and forget all the fear, games, strategies and mistrust, maybe, just maybe, we could fall in love with each other again.

Are you disillusioned with dating?
Feeling less than powerful?
Feeling less than optimistic?
Tired of the "games?"

Ever considered that it's HOW you're dating?

Hey Everybody! Join me and my guests, Relationships/ Dating experts
Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, for a riveting
hour on how you can date intelligently and

Judith & Jim: SMART Dating: How to Attract
Only the People Who Are Right for YOU!

If you invest only one hour this year on your dating
and dating success, make it this one! It could seriously
change the course of your life!


* How dating games defeat your goals for a solid
sincere love connection

* Why traditional dating is not in your best interest

(So what do you do instead?)

* How men and women lose their power to each
other in the dating scene

(Yes, that's so true.)

* Why contemporary dating must empower you
rather than what everyone learned growing up

* How to spot emotional resistance and know what
to do about it . . . so the negative blather that goes
on in your head doesn't run the way you date

* Why online dating is a great rehearsal ground for
a successful relationship

* And much, much more!

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