Friday, June 10, 2005

I got screwed while might have too.

VDs: The New Friendster!

On the list of “Things You Don’t Want To Wake Up To In A Monday Morning Email,” this has gotta be pretty high up the list. The Internet Sexuality Information Services company has come up with a novel way of telling former sexual partners that you might have given them a venereal disease without, you know, actually having to talk to them. They’re called “Tell Them” cards, and all you have to do is pick an ecard, type in an email address and send it off.
Messages include “I Got Screwed While Screwing. You Might Have Too” and “Going Through My Address Book And You’re On The List: I Got Diagnosed With An STD And You Might Have Been Exposed.” You can then “choose your STD” and then list the email addresses of all your partners. You can even do it anonymously, to shave everybody more shame and, you know, freak the other person out.

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