Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Brain Dancing at the speed of thought

Some women aspire to be dancers. Some aspire to be lap dancers. I've always been a thoughtful girl. The kind of four-eyed girl who lived in the library. So as a play on words that twists the obvious into the oblivious, I've chosen Brain Dancing as the name for my first blog.

Brain Dancing will explore what it means to be a woman on the cusp of 40, the nature of love, sex and relationships as we get older and wiser. Next year marks the ten year anniversary of online dating -- how has the advent of the Internet changed the very nature of modern relationships? Have we changed for the better -- or the worse? In the posts, in the tone of the ads, in my own dating experiences, I have seen a growing groundswell of dissapointment, dissent, and even anger.

Join me in this exploration, this dance on the edge of my 4th decade, a dance into the heart and mind of an unusual woman who has always thought a little too much for her own good.


Brain Dancer

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