Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dating for dollars

You too can start an online dating site. Just buy a pre-packaged Dating Software Application for only $199 and watch the dollars roll in.

Here are the kind of quick profits you can look forward to:

For example, with 10,000 paying members, you could realize profits of $990,000 per year!*

And there's no shortage of new customers, heck, people are getting divorced all the time! In fact, more than 28% of the men (and increasingly women) who use online dating sites are in fact still married.

Consider that services like Palo Alto, CA-based Friendfinder have 28 million members (with fewer than 100 employees and minimal advertising and marketing expenses) and you can see why these services are turning their founders into instant multimillionaires.

But has anyone ever stopped to question the very fact that people belong to Internet dating sites month after month, year after year... and keep on paying?

If online dating actually worked, singles would quickly meet their soulmate and leave after two or three months. The very fact that online dating fails to generate long term relationships is what makes it so phenemenonally profitable. Imagine any other business promising and never delivering -- and yet continuing to extract your dollars.

* Above is an example of tiered pricing used in many online social networks. Imagine as membership grows the revenue stream possibilities!

…According to CNBC on January 15, 2003:"Software dating services are the #1 pay services on the internet...up to 87 million in the last quarter, the industry will be a 1 billion dollar industry by 2005"

…According to a Jupiter Media Metrix analysis of competitor information and review of population and demographic statistics published by the US Census Bureau and US Department of Commerce, approximately 2.5 million people in the US purchased subscriptions from online dating services in 2001.

…Matchmaking social networks have proven big business with earnings in the $900 million mark in 2002. Projections of $1.14 billion in 2003 and $1.46 by 2006. There is great room for growth and new uses of social network applications. Market Data Enterprises, Inc. 2002

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